1.  Who are Massingale & Associates?

Massingale & Associates is a firm specializing in retirement planning. Our areas of expertise are client money management, financial planning, and estate planning. The firm has individual clients throughout the United States.

2.  As a client of Massingale & Associates, what services will I receive?

The firm divides its services into two categories: asset management and wealth management. We offer strategic and actively managed portfolios where the annual fees vary from 1 percent to 3 percent, depending on the manager selected. The advisor has discretionary trading authority on each account. The fees are deducted quarterly, based on portfolio value. Our incentive is the same as yours: increase portfolio value. The wealth management services include all financial planning, estate planning, insurance, and any additional consulting required. Planning is performed on a fee basis, while insurance products have commissions attached. Both asset management and wealth management are offered by Matt Massingale and Toni Crawford as Investment Adviser Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network®.

3.  What type of asset allocation models do you use?

We help you determine which model is appropriate for you. The first consideration is whether you are in the accumulation or distribution stage of life and if the current market situation is expanding or contracting. Based on that information, we choose managers and strategies that reflect your stage of life and current market outlook. Periodic reviews of your circumstances and the markets determine future allocation decisions.

4.  I do not live in your state. Can I still do business with you?

We are constantly expanding the number of states that we are registered and may conduct business in. You can receive all the benefits of our services from a consultation with us. Commonwealth Financial Network, our broker/dealer, possesses the latest in technology to do business with virtually anyone around the country.

5.  How do I know my investments are safe?

Massingale & Associates has limited discretionary trading authority, which means we only have trading authorization for your accounts. We do not take custody of your assets. Your assets are custodied at National Financial Services LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC.